!! Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us !!

On Saturday, June 16th, 2012  we will celebrate our 25 years in operation with an Open House from noon to five.  Take a tour of our clinic, stop by the Visitor Center, sit in the shade in our public Display Area where the resident wildlife live.  There will be brats and hot dogs available along with cold drinks to enjoy.  There'll also be raffle tickets to buy for some nice items and there will be a special free drawing.

It's hard to believe that Wildlife Haven has been in operation all these years.  Not only have we been serving wildlife during that time but also the people of north central Ohio:  people who find an animal and want to help it, people who have a wildlife problem and want a solution, people who want to learn a little more about wildlife, all sorts of people!

And it's not just north central Ohio...  we get calls from all over the country, usually people who have found us on the internet and need a referral to a rehabilitator in their area.  We're happy to help them!

I did some rough figures and came up with something in the area of 6000 birds and animals that we have admitted during these past 25 years.  Approximately 75% of them were able to be released back into the wild to live their natural lives!  We couldn't have done all that without the help of folks like you!

Write the date on your calendar and make plans to stop by for a visit on June 16th.  We'd love to see you!