Adoption Policies and Information

Please note that we do not adopt dogs to be tied out to a doghouse or to be chained as a guard dog. A dog will become protective of its property even if it is an inside pet, you will know when "company" arrives at your home.   Any cats that are adopted are to be inside pets only.  You must have your pet spayed or neutered within 30 days of your adoption date, providing the pet is old enough; should you adopt a puppy or kitten, you will have until we estimate them to be 6 months of age.  

At anytime, should you need to get rid of your pet, for whatever reason, you must return them to our Shelter for re-adoption.

FEES:        Dogs  -  $60.00 Adoption Fee + License Tags

                   Cats   -  $35.00 Adoption Fee

                   Dog License - $12.75

Remember, you must have the license tags for your dog within 30 days of getting it or by the time it's 3 months old!

Dog licenses may be purchased at the Humane Society by any County resident for the dogs that they own. If you are adopting an animal from the Humane Society this fee is in addition to your adoption fee.

Adopters receive certificates to help with the
mandatory spaying/neutering of your new pet.

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