Meet Our Staff

Our employees work hard at making sure our furry friends are cared for and protected.

We are proud to recognize each staff member and their position with the Humane Society serving Crawford County!


website1092.gif Victoria Hartschuh  -  Shelter Director

website1092.gif Pam Dunn  -  Humane Agent  ~  Pam started with the Humane Society as a volunteer. She was sworn in as Humane Agent in November of 2001 and also works part-time in the office.

website1092.gif Jack Peterman  -  Kennel Master  ~  Jack began his career with the Humane Society in 1979. He became Kennel Master in 1997.

website1092.gif Kristi Weber  -  Kennel Keeper/CET  ~  Kristi began her work at the Humane Society as Kennel Keeper in 1997, coming to us from the County Dog Pound.  Along with her work as a Kennel Keeper, she also became our Certified Euthanasia Technician in November of 1997.

website1092.gif Vern Brewer  -  Maintenance/Custodian/Crematorium  ~  Vern has been with the shelter since 1998.

website1092.gif Harry Wells  -  Consultant

website1092.gif Linda Armour  -  Humane Agent  ~  Linda was sworn in as Humane Agent in March of 2005. She has a tremendous love for animals.

website1092.gif Kandrea Steinbarger  -  Part-time Worker   ~  Kandy works in the cat kennel and also helps in the office.

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