North Central Ohio Avian Rescue


We use to show some of the birds that we had at the time, that were ready for adoption. It became a problem because I am not that good at updating the web site and I would get inquiries about birds that were long gone. So I have decided just to put up a list of bird species that we have gotten in over the years. That way you can inquire about a bird species and not the individual bird. I will also give you an estimate on percentages that each constitutes. They will only be a guess as I am not going to go back through the records.

Cockatoos  60%

Amazons     8%

Cockatiels and Budgies 15%

Macaws        5%

African Grey   2%

Quakers     10%

As you can see the majority that we get in are Cockatoos, but at times we have gone quite some time without getting one in. The Macaws and African Grey are on the low end of the spectrum. We get them in but they are few and far between.

When filling out the application form it is best to put a couple of kinds in your wish list. When you do that however you should know as much about each species as you can. What they eat, how long they live, temperament, how well they can talk, and what is their noise level. I will tell you now if you are asking for a Cockatoo, I will ask you to go to and turn up the volume as high as it will go and listen for at least five minutes. If you can stand that you might be able to deal with a Cockatoo. While on the other hand if looking for a Macaw you would only need to listen for about a minute but at about twice the volume. The Amazons on the other hand at least from what we have found are the quietest in the long run.