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          Ohio Avian Rescue


                    Quality of Life Through Education,

                    Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption

    We are doing this because we love the birds and we enjoy what we do. We do get a lot back from the birds, due to the different personalities and the love they give back to us. There is nothing like having a bird tell you " I love you", or getting excited about seeing you after you have been away for awhile. It is always nice to be greeted by a sweet "hello" when you walk in the door. We can't help smiling every time one of them tries to communicate with us. It is very hard to be in a bad mood when all around you the birds are having a good time and trying to include you in their good fun.

    This being said !

    We do charge an adoption fee for each of our birds and this fee varies from bird to bird as well as from species to species. The reason for the variance is that I feel that a bird of 20 years of age should not have the same fee as a bird of 1 or 2 years old. The difference in the species is the same as the reason that they are different prices in all of the pet stores (availability). Also, some birds require quite a lot of veterinary care before they are ready to be adopted.

    All the money that we receive in fees goes back into the care of the birds. Birds are not cheap to maintain. Food alone can be a limiting factor to many people. Add in vet bills, toys, perches, and proper cages and it adds up to many more times than the initial cost of the bird.

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