North Central  Ohio Avian Rescue

 We are currently unable to take in any birds. We do, however, have some nice birds who need homes!


 Quality of Life Through Education, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption


We started our organization because we could see a need for quality care of companion birds that are going through a transition from one owner to another. We are aware that not all birds and humans are compatible and that sometimes, no matter how hard a person tries, things just do not work out.  


We were pushed forward in this endeavor by the arrival of Lorenzo. He is a Blue Fronted Amazon. He came to us by way of a local humane shelter. His third owners were not able to tolerate the screaming that he did. We were asked to find him a new home. Little did we know at the time  how he would find an opening in our hearts and become a permanent member of our family. We purchased a few books, borrowed others from the library, went on line and read as much as we could about the care, diet, habits, and training of parrots and Blue Fronts in particular. I even joined a list that has many experts and long time parrot owners so I can get advice on what to do and not do and sometimes even brag about how things are going with Lorenzo.

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