Quality of Life through Education,

                  Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption


   Our objective in starting N-COAR is to improve the quality of life that the companion bird will have. We hope to achieve this thru education, rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption.

   Education: We hope to teach individuals to understand their birds, to make informed decisions on the purchase of a companion bird, and to learn as much as they can about their birds (diet, habitat in the wild, how to train, and grooming).

 Rescue: We will provide a safe home for any bird that has to be given up by it's owner. We are also keeping a close watch on our local pet stores and offering advice on care of their birds if needed.

   Rehabilitation: We will work with any companion bird and owner to retrain and to eliminate any bad habits that the bird has. If we can not help the bird and owner we will direct the owner to someone who can.

   Adoption: We will find new and permanent homes for birds given up by their owners.