North Central Ohio Avian Rescue


This page will be dedicated to the birds that we have successfully adopted out. I will give a brief history of each. Some of them went on to Knapptime and were adopted out from there.

This link is to Squawkamolie she is the Conure that we brought back from Knapptime for one of our friends. Her name has been changed to Baby. She was housed with a Cockatoo in her former home and they plucked each other.


This link is to  Paco Aka Chicken. He is the Red Lored that we adopted from Knapptime. His owner had died and he had been in 2 homes prior to coming to us. He is now 17 years young.


This link is to Chloe. She came to us from the northern part of the state. She was approximately 7 months old. She was given up because the lady's son was allergic to the dust. She went to a family in the Dayton area and I get emails from them telling me how she is doing and asking for advice once in a while.


This link is to George. He spent 3 years in a broom closet because of his screaming. He was donated to N-Coar through the Marion County Humane Society. We decided to transfere him to Knapptime, as we knew that they had more experience than we did and also would be able to place him in a sanctuary if he could not go to an adoptive home. They found him a home and he is slowly beginning to trust people again.


This link is to Dudley. He was quite a screamer in his former home and came to us last February. Unfortunately he hates other birds and we had to call on Knapptime again to help us out. They found him a home where he will be the only bird and he is doing fine


This link is to Zachary. He came to us from the Dayton area and we found him a home in Columbus. The lady that adopted him had cockatiels and finches for years. Her first night with Zach was almost the last as he let her know that he could scream, after the lights were out. We advised her to cover his cage at bed time. He is now a very welcome member of her flock.


This link is actually to Joon, but since we found a home for Stanley almost as soon as we got him and did not get a chance to take any pictures, she will have to stand in for him. Stanley went to a very good friend of ours and is doing great. We get updates every time we see her.


This link is to  Joey, he has been with us a long time, not because of any behavior problems but because he is so smart and we grew so fond of him. I wanted him to go to someone who would appreciate him and allow him to be himself. I also could not stand the thought of not being able to see him again. I found the perfect solution for him. I have been taking him to work with me for the last couple of weeks and my boss fell in love with him. She is going to adopt him and continue to bring him into work with her. I will get to see him every work day and see his progress and help her with anything that might come up. Plus we will be babysitting for him when she is out of town.


This link is to Smokey. She has been with us for a long time, too, and we were planning on her being our bird but a friend of mine from work came over one day and she immediately climbed on his arm and would not come to me. He was also quite taken by her and we decided to try to see if the reaction would be the same another time. He came back a couple of more times and it was the same each time. We decided to give it a try and she is quite happy in her new home. The most important thing for us is the birds wellbeing and happiness.