North Central Ohio Avian Rescue

                     Quality of Life Through Education, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption


        All of our expenses at the present time come out of our own pocket. I don't feel that we are big enough yet to apply for government non profit status. We can't offer you a tax deduction on any donations that you make to us, but rest assured that your donation will be greatly appreciated. Some of the things that we can always use:

Good quality cages: We usually get a cage with the bird or birds that we get in but a lot of them are very old or an inappropriate size for the bird.

Food Donations: This is our biggest expense at the present time. I don't want to be picky, but we feed Zupreem fruit blend. We also offer a small amount of seeds and nuts. We give fresh fruit and Veggies and also dried fruits

Toys, Toys & More Toys: We can always use more toys. We get some toys in with the birds, but there are never enough (you can never have too many). We try to rotate toys in the cages so they have a variety to choose from and do not get bored with them. When we find one that seems to be their favorite we try to keep that kind of toy in their cage, but also give them new kinds to experiment with.

Perches: We try to use at least one cement perch in each cage (the twist kind that gives them different sizes). We also use wood perches of different sizes so that they do not get foot fatigue from constantly being on the same diameter all the time.

Money: We can always use donations of money so we can buy whatever we may need at the time, anything from vet bills to some special treat for them.