Bombs Away!

Two interesting raptor stories.....


From the Pueblo Colorado Chieftain - A raptor that could not hold onto its dinner caused a 6 1/2 hour power outage near Waverly, CO. According to a spokesperson from the local power company, a hawk or eagle dropped a rabbit on a power line, resulting in a short that caused a power pole to catch fire. It can be assumed that the hawk dropped the meal by accident, and that it was not a small moment in the evolution from raw to cooked meals for birds.


From the Reading PA Eagle/Times - A customer named Bob returned a rental car to an Avis location in Detroit with a big dent in the roof. He had a good explanation. Seems he was driving along the shores of Lake Michigan with a friend when a bald eagle flew overhead with a freshly caught fish wriggling in its talons. At precisely the right moment, the fish wriggled loose and landed on the car. Bob stopped the car and picked up the fish, which turned out to be a sucker. He reported the incident to the police so he would have the report when he returned the damaged car. According to the article, the manager of the Avis agency never doubted his story.

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