Welcome to Wildlife Haven's Website! Many features of our page will change periodically, so plan on checking things out occasionally.......we hope to have something new at least once a month.  However, I keep letting this area get way out of date..... hope that's not the case for your visit! Despite my best intentions, I get too busy with other work sometimes to even think about working on the website!

Spring and summer are the seasons when we are at our busiest........ the bulk of our 500+ annual admissions come in during the period from April through August. However, fall and winter are quite busy, too, but in a different way.  The animal admissions slow down and mainly consist of injured adult animals and birds - owls hit by cars, birds who fly into windows, things like that.  But we always have our residents to care for and any late-born babies who are being overwintered.

This year we have 16 grey squirrelswho need to be fed and watered daily all the way through til spring.  And there are plenty of permanent residents in our public display area who need daily care and clean-up.

Our residents consist of Victor the vulture, Serena the bobcat, Virgie the great horned owl, Freya the screech owl, Red the redtail hawk, and Grady & Grace the silver foxes.

In addition to the animal work there are annual reports to get ready, our non-profit IRS return, grant reports and proposals, newsletters to write, fundraising and continuing education opportunities.... never the chance to get bored here - just tired!

Take the time to check out the various areas on our site - hopefully you'll find it both enjoyable and educational!

                                                                                                                            ~ Jane

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